Terms & Conditions

Ordering, Billing & Cancellations

  • The customer agrees to purchase the goods specified in the sale once they submit the order on hamra.sg. Hamra SG takes payment in full at the time of sale.
  • Hamra SG is responsible for shipping the order once the payment is received.
  • In the rare event that an item that the customer ordered is out of stock or no longer available, Hamra SG will inform the customer prior to shipment and the customer will have the option of substituting another item or receiving a refund.
  • The customer has the right to cancel the sale and receive a full refund for any reason before the goods are shipped. After the goods are shipped, the customer may no longer cancel the sale.


  • The customer is responsible for payment of any customs, duties, taxes, or other charges imposed by the customs department of their country.
  • The customer is responsible for making sure the address they provide at the time of sale is accurate and complete, including all necessary information (including apartment or unit number) for the shipment to be successfully delivered by the shipping company.
  • If the customer does not provide the accurate or complete address and the shipment cannot be delivered or is returned, the customer will be responsible for paying the shipping fees to re-ship the goods.
  • In the rare case that the shipping address is correct but the shipment is not received by the customer, Hamra SG will send a replacement of the goods.

Conformity of Goods

  • Hamra SG is responsible for making sure the goods sent to the customer match the quantity, size, colour, and description stated at the time of purchase.
  • Hamra SG is responsible for ensuring the goods are free of defect before sending them to the customer.
  • The customer must notify Hamra SG within 5 business days of receiving the order of any goods that do not conform to the order.
  • In the rare event that the customer receives a defective good or any item from their shipment does not match the quantity, size, colour, or description stated at time of purchase, Hamra SG will replace it or refund it at Hamra SG's expense.


  • We do not accept returns of any of our products unless they are found defective. Please inform us if you find any of the products defective.

Definitions of Terms Used

  • 'Sale' - The order that the customer makes on hamra.sg
  • 'Time of Sale' and 'Purchase Date' - The date the order is made
  • 'Goods' - The products purchased in the sale
  • 'Customer' - The buyer or purchaser of the goods and maker of the sale